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The 1% Rule

The 1% Rule: The Magic Power of Small Wins is a book by author and entrepreneur Tommy Baker. In this book, Baker introduces the concept of the 1% rule, which is the idea that small,… Read More »The 1% Rule

The Tao of Trading

“The Tao of Trading” is a book by Simon Ree that explores the intersection of Eastern philosophy and Western trading. The book provides practical guidance on how to approach trading with a Taoist mindset, emphasizing… Read More »The Tao of Trading

Unlimited Power

“Unlimited Power” is a book by Anthony Robbins that provides a comprehensive guide to personal and professional success. The book is based on Robbins’ own experiences as a motivational speaker and personal development coach, as… Read More »Unlimited Power


Linchpin is a book by Seth Godin that explores the concept of the “linchpin,” or the indispensable worker. The book argues that in today’s rapidly changing world, the key to success is not just technical… Read More »Linchpin

Executive Presence

Executive presence is the ability to project confidence, credibility, and authority in a professional setting. It is a combination of several factors, including appearance, communication skills, and body language. In the book “Executive Presence,” author… Read More »Executive Presence

12 Rules for Life

12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos is a self-help book written by Canadian clinical psychologist Jordan B. Peterson. The book provides a set of principles or rules that the author believes can help… Read More »12 Rules for Life

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