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The Purple Cow

The Purple Cow is a book by Seth Godin that challenges businesses to create remarkable products and services that stand out in a crowded marketplace. The book argues that in order to be successful in… Read More »The Purple Cow

The Icarus Deception

The Icarus Deception is a book by Seth Godin that challenges readers to rethink their approach to creativity and success. The book argues that in today’s rapidly changing world, the traditional rules of success no… Read More »The Icarus Deception

The One Thing

The One Thing is a book by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan that focuses on the importance of focus and prioritization in achieving success. The book argues that by identifying and focusing on the most… Read More »The One Thing

Executive Presence

Executive presence is the ability to project confidence, credibility, and authority in a professional setting. It is a combination of several factors, including appearance, communication skills, and body language. In the book “Executive Presence,” author… Read More »Executive Presence

How to Decide

How to Decide is a book written by Annie Duke that provides a guide to making better decisions in life. The book explores the science of decision-making and provides practical strategies for improving decision-making skills.… Read More »How to Decide

$100M Offers

$100M Offers is a book written by Alex Hormozi that provides a guide to achieving success in business by offering high-ticket services. The book argues that in order to succeed in today’s competitive business environment,… Read More »$100M Offers


One of the key principles identified in the book is reciprocity. The author argues that when someone does something for us, we feel a sense of obligation to do something in return. He provides examples of how this principle is used in marketing, such as when companies give away free samples or promotional items to customers. By using reciprocity, companies can create a sense of obligation in customers, which can lead to increased sales.

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