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AWS Certification Path

The AWS certification path is a series of certifications offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that validate individuals’ skills and expertise in cloud computing. The path typically starts with the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification, which provides a foundational understanding of AWS cloud services and the benefits of cloud computing.

From there, individuals can choose from a variety of certification tracks based on their interests and career goals. For example, the Solutions Architect track is designed for individuals who want to specialize in designing and deploying scalable, highly available, and fault-tolerant systems on AWS. The DevOps Engineer track is designed for individuals who want to specialize in developing and deploying applications on AWS using the principles of DevOps.

Other certification tracks include the Developer track, which focuses on developing and maintaining applications on AWS, the SysOps Administrator track, which focuses on managing and operating systems on AWS, and the Advanced Networking track, which focuses on designing and implementing advanced networking solutions on AWS.

Each certification track consists of one or more certification exams, which are designed to test individuals’ knowledge and skills in specific areas of AWS cloud computing. To become certified, individuals must pass the appropriate exam(s) and meet any other requirements set by AWS, such as minimum experience or training requirements.

Here are a few of the best books on AWS Certification:

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